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Follow These 5 Important Tips to Develop Your Writing Skills and Publish Your Story

You probably have started telling stories just to yourself—through diaries or journals. But as this passion has grown in you, you eventually have realized a sense of purpose on what you do. You no longer write just for yourself, but for others as well. You’ll always want to find ways to develop your writing skills, [read more]


5 Online Self-Publishing Tools that Help Book Publishing Easier

Although self-publishing can be risky and expensive, many authors find it exciting and promising, especially when they can market their books the way they want to. At the very least, the journey can be rewarding and the learning experience is absolutely vast.


Sure-Fire Tips on How to Publish a Book—Perfect for Newbie Authors

It’s a common thing for first-time authors to get lost in the maze of self-publishing terrain. Often frustrating and confusing, this journey may lead to a dead-end. And worse, these authors—disappointed and thwarted—toss their manuscript in the trash bin. If you don’t want your manuscript to end up as trash, put it on the shelves. [read more]

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