Author Branding and How to Do It (Part 2)

In the recent post, we concluded that author branding holds a vital role in your career as a writer. It is your identity—the blueprint that holds your success.

But author branding is not an overnight success. There are big and small steps to take and demanding challenges to overcome.

author branding and how to do it part 2

Taking the publishing route entails no shortcuts. You can’t just publish your book today and expect it to become the next big thing tomorrow.

It is ultimately hard work, but building your brand as an author could be your starting point—even while your book is still in its publication stage.

Here are some ways to build an author brand:

  1. Write a story you’re proud to share and sell.

Saying that writing a book can be difficult and a scary experience is a cliché, but it is the first step toward starting your brand as an author. Start with a simple idea and work your way through your story.

To guide you through your book’s story, ask these questions first:

How would you like to be known as an author?

Think of the kind of style you want your readers to remember you for. You can do this by reading other works and pick one you enjoyed the most, and develop it from there.

What’s your preferred market category?

In order to narrow down your ideal readers, find your market category. Who do you want to transfer your message to? Think of age demographic, profession, status, etc.

author branding - write a story you’re proud to share and sell

How will you pique your target market’s interest?

Your readers are driven by their own feelings and emotions. Fear, desire, love, or competition—start with these elements, and write your book based on what emotional level of branding you want to get involved.

What are your strong points?

By discovering your own writing style, you can also create a special genre that others have not yet tried writing.


  1. Build your very own author website.

Start an author website now. Look at how successful writers take advantage of the technology today. Social media, blogs, and different types of medium are the go-tos for writers in promoting their brand. Here are steps you need to do:

a. Purchase a domain. Hire a web developer to design and build your website.
b. Create profiles on different social media, blogs, most especially Goodreads and Amazon.
c. Write personal blogs, tips, and practical advice.
d. Hire a cover designer, proofreader, and a professional editor.
e. Add a tagline, brand color, and as well as a logo to let visitors know what you stand for.

author branding - build your own author website

Creating your own author website is also solidifying your credibility as a writer. Write a blog or topic in relation to your work. Majority of readers today look for online recommendations, and only a few go to bookstores to actually pick and buy them.


  1. Interact with the community.

To promote your brand, participate in different writing communities specific to your genre or field. Your main purpose is to serve, to create a persona that helps or entertain your readers. That means, you also have to listen and respond to the problems and concerns of your prospects.


  1. Keep up with the business—refine and evaluate.

You need to redefine, evaluate, and assess your brand to keep up with the changing times. Make sure your business strategy is up-to-date with the current trends. Think digital marketing.

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