Improve Your Writing Skills: Think of Publishing Your StoryThe process of writing is deeper than just learning proper grammar and acquiring a wide vocabulary. Being a writer, you know that there’s always something more than what’s on the surface. Why is it not that easy to just “simply write it down”? The fruit of the hard work you put into writing is valuable [read more] ...continue reading
Why Writers Need Author Branding (Part 1)Coca-Cola, Apple, and Starbucks—behind these extraordinary companies is a struggling story of patience, perseverance, and hard work. Coca-Cola has perhaps the most recognizable elixir on the planet; Apple manufactures phones that almost everyone pre-orders; and Starbucks—you already know it. These mega-companies have one secret formula hidden in their pockets: Branding You may scratch your head, [read more] ...continue reading
Follow These 5 Important Tips to Develop Your Writing Skills and Publish Your StoryYou probably have started telling stories just to yourself—through diaries or journals. But as this passion has grown in you, you eventually have realized a sense of purpose on what you do. You no longer write just for yourself, but for others as well. You’ll always want to find ways to develop your writing skills, [read more] ...continue reading