5-Minute Guide on Book Marketing Tools for the Self-Publishing AuthorYou may think your book begins with writing and ends in publishing. However, your literary journey doesn’t end there. Marketing is the next step you have to think about as a self-published author. It makes the difference between a basic book and a bestseller. These are the book marketing tools within your reach. Author Blog [read more] ...continue reading
Author Branding and How to Do It (Part 2)In the recent post, we concluded that author branding holds a vital role in your career as a writer. It is your identity—the blueprint that holds your success. But author branding is not an overnight success. There are big and small steps to take and demanding challenges to overcome. Taking the publishing route entails no [read more] ...continue reading
Improve Your Writing Skills: Think of Publishing Your StoryThe process of writing is deeper than just learning proper grammar and acquiring a wide vocabulary. Being a writer, you know that there’s always something more than what’s on the surface. Why is it not that easy to just “simply write it down”? The fruit of the hard work you put into writing is valuable [read more] ...continue reading