5-Minute Guide on Book Marketing Tools for the Self-Publishing Author

book marketing tools

You may think your book begins with writing and ends in publishing. However, your literary journey doesn’t end there. Marketing is the next step you have to think about as a self-published author. It makes the difference between a basic book and a bestseller. These are the book marketing tools within your reach.

Author Blog

With the dawn of e-books, every author worth their salt needs to have a presence on the web. Your digital domain will reinforce your identity and professionalize your brand. Get your author blog up and keep it up-to-date.

Social Media Marketing

Engage your readers on a more personal level! Through different social media platforms, you can share news about your books and promote them across a broad spectrum.

book trades

Book Trades

Connect with fellow authors and lovers of literature in the community. There’s nothing quite like networking in events such as book festivals to market yourself the classic way, face-to-face.

Book Reviews

When a professional critic writes about you, it lends a legitimacy to your status as an author. The word-of-mouth hype generated from reviews is priceless publicity. Check book review sites that offer professional review on your book.

Take charge of your success as an author today.  Let this marketing guide walk you through the process of promoting your book.

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