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Here’s why MyEbookMaker is your new go-to digital hub.


Portable and affordable, e-book publication has been favored among modern authors.

By converting content into digital format, you expand your credibility as an author and increase your chance of boosting your sales. However, creating an e-book takes time (and, money). But with this free online e-book maker, you’re here for a treat.

Introducing, MyEbookMaker, a cloud-based program where you don’t need to spend a dime on unfamiliar writing tools.

Check this step-by-step process on how to start creating your e-book with MyEbookMaker account.



Why should you use MyEBookMaker? Aside from it’s free, you have the following features:


MyEbookMaker is a free software that allows you to edit your cover, title, and content. You can also add a cover image. More importantly, you can save your draft anytime you want. Whether you want to update your content, view your e-books, insert new images and shapes, or change the title, you may do so as long as you are logged in into the account.


Access the software and make changes to your content anytime, from any device—whether from your mobile, tablet, or desktop. This cloud-based program is also a perfect file storage for all your e-books.


Once you finish your manuscript, you can convert it into an ePub format for Kindle. You can download your ePub file directly from your account by clicking the “download ePub file” button. Make sure you always save your drafts after writing your content. You can also fetch your ePub format in the “My Books” tab—and this is all for free.


Publish your e-books through MyEbookMaker and use them to earn cash. After downloading your e-books on the creator, you can now share them online. If you want to embed your e-book in your blog, you just have to export the file from the software and attach them by using plugins on your website.


If you’re planning to publish your book, but want it in digital format, try free e-book creator, MyEbookMaker! Get started today and learn how to maximize the tools of the software.









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