The Freelance Writer’s Guide on How to Publish an E-book and Make Money Online

Are you a freelance writer who likes to surf the net, use social media and read books? Do you want to make money using the skills of a writer without having a boss?

writing a book to make money

Pursuing your passion for writing is worth it—and it’s not just about the emotional satisfaction. In the e-book industry, the financial returns make all your efforts count. From the independent thrill of being your own boss to perfecting the work-life balance, this is how to publish an ebook and make money.


Find a niche and fill it! You can do this by researching the patterns in bestseller lists. Certain genres are more profitable than others. Romance is at the top, followed by fantasy, sci-fi, then thriller. If you prefer nonfiction, self-help and health e-books are good choices. Some authors put their money-making ebooks in hyper-specific hybrid genres because it’s quicker to become a bestseller that way. While it may shorten the shelf life of your e-book, choosing a timely topic increases your prospects of sales.


E-books are literally just digitized versions of good old-fashioned books, so there isn’t a difference in what it takes to get it done. Both share similarities in length—about 100 pages and up for a standard novel. Set a schedule and accomplish a daily word count. This is to build a habit on how to write an e-book fast. What if you want to self-publish, but you’re too busy or not wordy enough? Hire a ghostwriter. For a fee, you can call yourself an author without the work!

how to publish an ebook and make money


This is another step in making an e-book, that will call for some reinforcements. Every manuscript has to be polished by a second set of eyes. You may ask someone you know to review your work, or better yet, hire someone to help you in the revision process. It’s not just about fulfilling your own sense of perfectionism. Errors in the spelling, grammar, and punctuation lower the value of your e-book, giving it an amateurish quality.


The cover is the “face” of your book that can make buyers out of browsers. Unless you have a creative background, it’s crucial to procure the services of a professional. Don’t forget that the wording in your title and description can reel readers in too The book’s interior design is part of the reading experience. The wrong formatting can be an eyesore. E-book publishing platforms like Lulu and BookTango provide you the tools to let you create an e-book for free. In order to make money writing e-books for Kindle, Kobo, and Nook e-readers, your file format must first and foremost be compatible on these devices.


How to publish an e-book and make money? Price your books right. On how to make money with e-books on Amazon specifically, sell your book between $2.99 and $9.99 to fetch a maximum royalty of 70%. Any lower, you wouldn’t earn enough. Any higher, readers would be turned off. It takes 12 to 24 hours for your book to go live in most e-book platforms.


Just like every aspect of self-publishing your book, marketing is all on you. Nurture a following on social media. Lend copies to your family and friends to receive free, hopefully glowing reviews. Guest post on big blogs that relate to your work and will direct to it. Affiliate marketing is something you could also dabble in down the line.

Write again!

To make money selling e-books is a matter of being prolific. Instead of releasing one long chunk of an e-book, break it off into segments so there’s potential for a series. Whenever one book is performing well, produce a sequel even though you didn’t originally plan for it. You might even want to experiment with special attachments to your e-book like a free Webinar.

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As you can see, the key on how to publish an e-book and make money is doable if you set your heart and mind on it.  Why slug it out at a corporate desk job you hate when the freelance life awaits with open arms? We can’t wait for you to launch your e-book!

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