Follow These 5 Important Tips to Develop Your Writing Skills and Publish Your Story

You probably have started telling stories just to yourself—through diaries or journals. But as this passion has grown in you, you eventually have realized a sense of purpose on what you do. You no longer write just for yourself, but for others as well.

writing skills - notebook and pen

You’ll always want to find ways to develop your writing skills, especially if you dream to get published. How can your story be effective? How can your way of telling the story be successfully received by your readers?

1. Choose the right words and phrases.
As a reader, you have experienced being stuck in a single page for an hour just re-reading to get what the writer is trying to mean.

Keep in mind that your goal as an author is to make your readers read further that is why choosing the right words for your sentence is critical to conveying your message.

2. See if you need to do it Hemingway-way, or Nabokov-way.
Keep It Simple, Stupid, or Keep It Complicated, Kid—it’s KISS or KICK. The former reminder is preferable.


3. Consider effective transitions and create a rhythm which the reader can follow.
Help your reader keep going. Don’t finish a chapter with a “dead-end.” Always strive to leave something for the readers to think about and even be intrigued about. String it all.

4. Create images vividly. Make the readers skin-crawlingly experience the world you built.
Have you tried reading a Jeanette Winterson novel? If yes, you probably have been taken to a variety of beautifully bizarre worlds already.

Just like that, you have to introduce the world and the characters from the large to the smallest details. Remember, vivid. Remember, goose bumps.

5. Learn new skills. Practice.
Know that you still have a lot to learn and that you always have a good amount of room for improvement. Make it a habit to always write just anything!

You may also try joining workshops or put yourself in writing groups. Challenge yourself. Go out. Gain experiences, hands-on.

writing skills - learn new skills

You already have heard the technical tips. Now, do you feel like there’s still something you quite can’t explain? Something innate in the process of writing? Try to go through a more introspective approach. How does one really write? Read more tips here and learn how to begin publishing your story. Click here.

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