Improve Your Writing Skills: Think of Publishing Your Story

The process of writing is deeper than just learning proper grammar and acquiring a wide vocabulary. Being a writer, you know that there’s always something more than what’s on the surface. Why is it not that easy to just “simply write it down”?

improve your writing skills - think of publishing your story

The fruit of the hard work you put into writing is valuable to you.

As much as others might think of just keeping to themselves their work of art, it is also a good thing to be able to get it out.

The culture of literature is rich; why not be a part of it?

Here are some tips for you to be able to write better and eventually, publish your story:

1. Listen to your own timing. Feel it. Go with your natural flow of creativity.
There’s no one else to know what works for you except yourself. So, if you want to have something accomplished in one sitting, then strive to do it.

But if you think that you’ll be able to write better by waiting for that “flow,” then practice being patient but be alert once the eureka moment comes.

And so from that, here’s a bonus tip: Always bring a notebook and a pen—whether you’re outdoors or inside the bathroom, especially when you’re on your “thinking chair.”


2. Remember: more input means more output.
To read is to write, to write is to read. The books and other reading materials you take in serve as your bullets to your peaceful gun that is your pen.

writing skills - to remember, more inputs means more output

One of the things that can make a story stick to a reader’s mind is the relatability that one can feel from reading.

Even when you are aiming to build a unique and peculiar world, see to it that there remains, always, a human factor. Human experience. Human sensation.

So learn from every single stimulus around you. Be a keen observer, and more importantly, immerse. That way, you’ll be able to tell more.


3. Trust in your work. Publish.
Think about contributing to the rich literature of our world and sharing to others the universal emotions and stories there are.

Everyone can write but not all can have the gift of special storytelling.

Be a voice not only for yourself but for everyone as well. Go publish your work!


4. Seek connections.
Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, seeking connections is essential to what you do or wanting to do.

Always be open to seeking connections so you glide smoothly in your publishing journey.

Connect with editors and designers and join workshops and clubs on writing.

writing skills - seek connections


5. Seek platforms. Publicize.
Strive to get heard by the public too. Utilize every platform you can use, and because of this technology-dominated industry, use social media sites and promote your works there.

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