Productivity Hacks: Free Time Management Apps for Writers

productivity hacks - free time management apps

You swear you’re going to get more work done this day.

But instead of hopping onto your tasks, you keep on poking on social media and checking e-mails (and perhaps stalking your frenemy in Facebook).

Your point of focus has been redirected, and you can already hear the whooshing noise of deadlines—and you won’t love it. You just frittered from your precious time.

Let’s get things right. If you really want to make your work time more productive, you gotta get things done. Minimize distraction and maximize your time and energy. Here are some time management apps and tools you can use.

CoSchedule — drag-and-drop marketing calendar tool (14-day free trial)

If you’re looking to bring your marketing plan into one place, this is for you. CoSchedule (integrated with WordPress) is a cloud-based management tool that keeps you and your team on the same track. You can coordinate, schedule, and manage promotion and campaigns. It’s all in one place to simplify and help you focus on your work to grow your business—faster and better.


Trello — manageable color-coded cards and boards

Create boards and cards as many as you like—all for free. No matter what kind of device you use, Trello is an ideal task tracker to manage and organize your projects. Simple and straightforward, it has everything you need, from adding attachments, creating checklists, to inserting quick notes and labels.


Toggl — time tracker and timesheet software

Start tracking and see your tasks’ progress with a single click. Now, you can add Toggl as a browser extension and spot what website renders most of your time. See progress and plan your time more accurately. Toggl is also available on iPhone, Windows, Android, Linux, Chrome, Mozilla, and more.


Asana — task management, project tracker, and collaboration software

Built for teams, Asana is more than a productivity tool. It aids the progress of your work with the help of shared lists and boards, calendars, conversations, attachments, and dashboards. View work reports and share what’s most important to keep projects on track. And what more, you can also view your files, e-mails, and tickets in one place.

asana — e-mail management tool

Declutter your inbox and boost productivity at work. Unsubscribe, archive, and combine subscriptions anywhere you want. is a free tool that helps tidying the mess of e-mail subscriptions we always receive. It works with Google Apps, Yahoo, and Gmail.

Evernote — note-taking and note-syncing tool

In Evernote, you can create notes, bookmark a website, collaborate on a project, monitor finances, and save important files, notes, or web clips for future use. You can also share your notes with your friend or team. This tool is also available on any of your computer or device. With Evernote, you can easily find everything you have collected online.


Other recommended apps: — a needed break from busyness of life — a password manager for easy log-in — optimize and manage tasks on any platform — a minimalist writing note

Not what you’re looking for? You can check more apps here.

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