Sure-Fire Tips on How to Publish a Book—Perfect for Newbie Authors

It’s a common thing for first-time authors to get lost in the maze of self-publishing terrain. Often frustrating and confusing, this journey may lead to a dead-end. And worse, these authors—disappointed and thwarted—toss their manuscript in the trash bin.

If you don’t want your manuscript to end up as trash, put it on the shelves. Follow this brief and effective guide on how to self-publish your own hard-earned book.



Have a clear and realistic purpose.

What are you here for? Why do you write?

There are too many authors who exhaust themselves with little knowledge on why they write and publish their work in the first place. Some may commit on winning for fame, and others on earning for millions. Whatever your reason is, know that publishing a book is not easy. And if you fancy yourself with unrealistic assumptions, you already lose as soon as you start the game.

But if you’re here with a clear and attainable vision in mind, you’ll start the game the right way—and win the right way.


Make a thorough research.

There two common ways to self-publish your book: 1) Self-publish on your own (DIY), and 2) partner with a reliable self-publishing company. If you choose the former, you need to pay an expert for book assistance, and only avail self-publishing services to work on your book promotion and distribution. If you choose the latter, publish and market your book with promotional and marketing services tailored to your needs.

But before even thinking of signing up to a publishing service, gather facts and opinions first. If you want to avoid getting scammed, check publishing forums and blogs to know of the publisher’s legitimacy.


Hire professionals—they’re worth every penny.

Paying experts to proofread and design your book can payoff once your book gets published.  This should be left to the qualified people, especially if you have no background on editing and designing.

Never decide to do everything on your own. You either succumb alone with your book or complete a poorly-made manuscript.


Market and promote to attract customers.

It’s a good idea to pay book retailers to market your book, but you also need the initiative to build your empire.

  • Build a website to share useful and interesting content. This can be your author blog. Share writing tips and hook potential book buyers.
  • Learn SEO, and find the right keywords to keep your content on top of Google’s pages.
  • Promote your manuscript on different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



You’ve done your work and you need space for relaxation. Don’t kill yourself with worry and overthinking. Just hope for the best and believe in your craft.

Sip a cup of coffee, or read your favorite book. Relax and enjoy!


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