10 Sure-Safe Websites for Free E-book Download

Maybe you’ve dreamed for years to enjoy books you can’t afford, or read books that you can’t find on your local shelves. Or maybe you’re still dreaming that someday the time will come books will no longer have price tags attached to them.

Well you might want to take a little sip of coffee before you check this list of online sites that offer plethora of e-books. Download full books for absolutely free!

Image: Screenshot from BookBoon


BookBoon is the world’s first online book publisher that offers free educational e-books for students. The digital library contains 1,000 textbooks and 600 e-books, popular titles ranging from economics to statistics.



Image: Screenshot from Authorama


“A little library of books,” a public domain books, that proudly features a variety of different authors, offering offline or online reads—your choice.



Image: Screenshot from OpenLibrary


For a dapper catalog of e-books online, meet OpenLibrary—an editable and open collection of books. Log in, browse, borrow, and read a variety of books for your heart’s content.



the literature network
Image: Screenshot from The Literature Network

The Literature Network

A digital library that boasts 3,500 full books, 4,400 short stories and poems, from 260 different authors. You can also enter your e-mail and join their newsletter, and read more recommended e-books.



project gutenberg
Image: Screenshot from Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Download free pdf, epub, kindle, or html format e-books. One of the most renowned e-book collectors on the web, Project Gutenberg have 56,000 free e-book available in different formats. Project Gutenberg is an online paradise for virtual bookworms.



Image: Screenshot from BookYards


BookYards’ statement mission is to be “The Library to the World.” With large collection of e-books, it is an online public library that’s a perfect go-to for documents, reference and educational materials, and among other useful content for free.



Image: Screenshot from PlanetPublish


PlanetPublish is simply an online library for free archived pdf e-books. It’s also a division of Debenu, a Foxit software company that provides PDF library, tools, and software to keep work efficient.



Image: Screenshot from Questia


Your reliable online research library for quality academic books and articles. Questia contains more than 83,000 educational e-books, and over 10 million academic articles from different publishers around the world.



Image: Screenshot from Readprint


“Where books and people meet!” Discover your favorite authors in their huge collection of free online books, and meet new book buddies in their online book clubs and groups. With more than thousands of books on the virtual shelves, you sure want to stay.



Image: Screenshot from FreeTechBooks


Looking for titles about programming or engineering? Look no further, FreeTechBooks is an online library dedicated to such (1,208 e-books) computer-related books, notes, and textbooks.

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